by Ken Read. Published: 15 September 2013

The ALICE Experiment Google+ page has been selected by Science on Google+ to be included in the Science Engagers Circle. The Science Engagers Circle tries to bring together all the individual profiles and pages associated with the Science on (Google+ community) exploring upcoming science Hangouts on Air. You can learn more about the members of the shared circle by viewing and contributing to this discussion: The ALICE G+ page has more than 2400 followers and just keeps growing.

The science community on Google+ is strong and growing fast. The third season of the public weekly #HangoutWithCERN series involving the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb Experiment plus special guests is on its way! See past hangouts and find out more.

Kenneth Read, researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Professor at the University of Tennessee, manages the ALICE Experiment G+ page.

The HangoutWithCERN project launched last fall (with ALICE liaisons Ken Read, Despina Hatzifotiadou and Panos Charitos) has significantly grown in popularity during 2013. Some hangouts have had hundreds of live questions posted on YouTube (with many answered in realtime), thousands of live YouTube viewers, and up to 10,000 subsequent views. Some of the guests have included internationally famous scientists and science communication experts.

Hangout with CERN at the Cryloab.