by Panos Charitos. Published: 16 November 2013

From 17 November to 15 December 2013, the interactive exhibition "Simple and Complex" will be hosted at the old furnace in the Urban Park ex Salid (park Pinocchio, via Lungoirno, Salerno). The exhibition explores the concepts of complexity, disorder and chaos and has been designed and built by the CNR (National Research Council) of Italy.

The event is organized as a joint effort between the University of Salerno and the City of Salerno and is part of a project supported by the Ministry of Education for the communication of science. The aim is to share the fascination of science with children and adults and open the scientific endeavour to the general public of "non-experts ".

This exhibition, awarded as the best exhibition in the Shanghai Science Festival in 2008, consists of 25 interactive exhibits. The exhibition is divided into three thematic areas: Geometry, Matter and Motion, which through interactive experiments illustrate the complexity in space, in matter and in space-time. Moreover, animators will help visitors to navigate through the exhibition and facilitate a comprehensive view of the topics covered. For school groups, the facilitators propose structured paths between the installations. A collection of exhibits open on a vast world, a path to the discovery which is what science is calling for.

"Complex system" is not a trivial juxtaposition of simple parts, but rather a set of " mutual relations " that originate new properties, collective, irreducible to those of the constituents. Think of how a single tile is neither ordered nor disordered, but many tiles can be stacked in bulk or arranged regularly in a floor. People often think that complex systems are something abstract or even exotic. However the exhibition will show you the role that complexity plays in our everyday lives and the way in which the world is organized. The matter around us is composed of electrons, protons and neutrons which are organized in complex ways to form what often appears as a symmetric pattern.

ALICE offers a clear vision of this fact as it is seen in the formation of hadrons and mesons out of the QGP. The ALICE team in Salerno is actively participating in the exhibition by presenting the basic of the ALICE physics, and more in general the physics at LHC. In addition, the ALICE papercraft will be shown, together with a short movie explaining how to assemble this 3D ALICE model.