by Peter Braun-Munzinger. Published: 19 November 2012

Peter Braun-Munzinger,
Chairperson of the ALICE Collaboration

ALICE has moved from a construction and calibration phase into data production and physics publications. Recently our plans for a high rate upgrade took shape and the corresponding Letter of Intent for ALICE upgrade was endorsed by the LHCC. Technical design reports for the upgrade projects will have to be written within less than a year from now. At this point it is important that this new status is properly reflected in our Constitution.

In addition to bringing the text of the constitution document up-to-date this also implied new sections on service tasks as well as a major revision of the rules for publications.

Members of the ALICE Collaboration in the ALICE Cavern

Many people provided important input. Herewith I would like to thank the CB members for their active participation in generating an update of the ALICE constitution. In addition I am grateful also to the members of the subcommittee on publication rules for substantial contributions. I would further like to acknowledge the serious work by the CB deputies and secretary, as well as by the ALICE spokesperson and deputies. Special thanks go to Barbara Erazmus, who chaired the subcommittee on publication rules and brought it to a successful completion within a very tight time line.

The full text of the new CONSTITUTION is available here and is public to everyone in the ALICE webpage .