by Tapan Nayak. Published: 03 March 2014

The ALICE-India Collaboration Meeting was hosted in VECC, Kolkata during 12-14 January 2014. The meeting was attended by close to seventy participants from Indian institutes and five special invitees from abroad.

The first day of the meeting was designated as student’s day; Yogendra Viyogi and Jane Alam spoke on the basics of nuclear physics and physics of quark-gluon plasma, respectively. At the end of this day, Paolo Giubellino, Spokesperson of ALICE, gave an introduction to ALICE and answered questions from the students. The next two days were spent on listening to various physics analysis, mostly from research scholars and discussions on ALICE upgrade. The Indian groups participate in various analysis topics – covering primarily PWG-CF, PWG-LF, PWG-DQ and PWG-HF. Physics coordinators from India gave overviews on these topics, followed by reports from the scholars. Twenty-seven scholars spoke about their present research work. The format worked very well giving plenty of time for airing questions and resulting in a very high level of discussion. Furthermore, the status of the upgrade projects of GEM detectors for TPC and Common Readout Units were presented.

Participants of the ALICE-India Collaboration meeting (Jan 12-14, 2014) in the Ajay Divatia Lecture Hall at VECC, Kolkata.

In addition to Paolo Giubellino, special speakers from around the world were Karel Safarik, Panos Christakoglou, Claude Pruneau and Brijesh Srivastava. They discussed various aspects of ALICE physics and interacted primarily with scholars. The meeting ended with a special lecture on probing the QGP using photons, jets and heavy flavour, delivered by Dinesh Srivastava, Director, VECC.

Participants of the ALICE-India Collaboration meeting (Jan 12-14, 2014) pose for a group photo at VECC, Kolkata.