by Panos Charitos. Published: 29 April 2014

ALICE has its own dedicated page in Wikipedia: ALICE: A Large Ion Collider Experiment since January 2008. The page had a rich history of more than 500 revisions from Wikipedia users but still the content remained relatively poor, failing to give an overview of the experiment and its main physics goal.

As Wikipedia constitutes one of the major sources of information and is widely embraced as a powerful learning and teaching resource we felt that we should review the pages, update the existing content and add as many information possible explaining the physics, describing the 18 ALICE detectors and discussing some of the results from the first LHC runs.

Wikipedia is all about collaboration and we feel that all the members of the collaboration should be involved and contribute in building a more up-to-date page for ALICE.

As we mentioned in a previous note it is not only an opportunity to speak about ALICE and the challenges of building its detector but also a chance to introduce the field of heavy-ion physics to millions of users who daily visit Wikipedia seeking for resources related to quarks, heavy ions, LHC, CERN and other keywords that could link them to ALICE.

Moreover, always remember that the success of the Wikipedia project depends on the level of expert participation and the increased diversity of participants. So take a few moments to visit the new ALICE page in Wikipedia and add your own bit or start discussing with other users suggesting and sharing your ideas and suggestions.