by Michael Weber. Published: 11 July 2014

The second edition of the ALICE Analysis Tutorial was held during the July ALICE week at CERN. The event, organized by Chiara Bianchin, Jochen Klein, Rosi Reed, Marta Verweij, and Michael Weber, was a full success. The large attendance of more than 50 participants in the lecture room and almost 70 connected via Vidyo shows the interest and need for this tutorial.

Alina Grigoras and Dario Berzano started the day with an introduction to the offline group and an extensive “how-to-use-git” lecture (everybody who installed aliroot recently knows how helpful this is). The mechanisms used in different MC event generators and examples how to run them were shown by Leticia Cunqueiro. Evgeny Kryshen and Alexander Kalweit gave the important tutorial on event and track selection, they tried to answer all questions like: “which AOD filter bit do I have to use” and “what does kMB actually mean?” Before the Lunch break Rosi Reed showed all the tips, tricks and pitfalls of “unfolding”.

In the afternoon, the topics were more specialized. Pietro Antonoli explained the usage of the PID framework and showed many examples. In the last part he emphasized the recent developments in the Bayesian method. For everybody, who wants to use the EMCal and/or jets, Marta Verweij gave a step-by-step tutorial through all classes and macros that were developed in the last year. Redmer Bertens introduced the secrets of the flow package and for everybody who was not interested, he had nice comic strips on almost all of his slides. Before closing the session, Jochen Klein discussed the usage of a common figure style class.

An evaluation of the tutorial will help to further improve future editions of the tutorial (the next one is planned for the ALICE week in Croatia). If you missed it, all the material can be found: here