by Panos Charitos. Published: 15 September 2014

Thinking of proposing to the one that you love? How do you pick the best location to create a truly memorable moment? Just once in your life you'd like to feel like the hero in a chick flick, with all the schmaltzy romance, the elaborate plots, the happy endings.

Even if it's just for the amount of time it takes to say those big four words: Will. You. Marry. Me. You want it to be somewhere exotic: in a romantic setting, away from family and friends, on a place never to forget.

On October 2013 a group of Italian school teachers from Faenza, a city close to Bologna, visited CERN and ALICE. Claudia, a teacher from the group, remembers that before leaving, her partner Marco was very happy to come and told her: “you know, CERN is a so special place that is able to make all the dreams true”.

Indeed, while at the P2, waiting to descend in the cavern, Marco asked a physicist present in the visit to bring a little box to Claudia without any explanation. In the box there was a diamond ring! The woman was still shocked when, in front of ALICE, Marco declared his love and asked her to become his wife.
Marco and Claudia married on July 20.

ALICE matters wishes them a happy and healthy family and many years to grow old and happy together...