by Panos Charitos. Published: 13 October 2012

The new ALICE Google+ page is now online thanks to the efforts of Kenneth Read, researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Professor at the University of Tennessee.

Using any browser you can view the evolving page of ALICE G+ . To interact with the page and be kept up to date, just click on "Follow", "Sign In", or "Join Google".

All four large LHC experiments, CERN, and even engineers at Google have be working in cooperation to facilitate the promotion of LHC science on Google+. The science community on Google+ is strong and growing fast. Public Google+ hangouts involving CERN, ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb are on the way! As they say, +1.

Moreover, ALICE has recently created its own ALICE_Experiment page on Facebook. This means that you can now follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and learn more exciting news from our collaboration and the recent results from the ALICE experiment. Stay tuned!