by Catherine Decosse & Julie Hadre. Published: 19 November 2012

Visual identity should be important to us because it is the way in which our Experiment is presented to external stakeholders: through our logo, graphics, fonts and images. Our visual identity plays an important role in shaping our image and reputation.

Last year we did some “small surgery” to our logo to make it simpler in order to increase its readability, and to make it more adaptable to all types of needs. Our logo in its different versions is available here .

The next step has been to create a graphic charter. The graphic charter is a small guide, which defines the requirements for logo best use, as well as matching fonts and colours. You can download the document of the new ALICE graphic charter.

Day-after-day, in each of your talks, posters, webpages, letters and publications, you represent our Experiment and convey the ALICE Image. We hope that the graphic charter will help you understand how to protect and strengthen our image by a proper usage of the logo in your communication.

We have created templates for presentations and posters, as well as stationary items such as letterhead, compliment and business cards. You can find the templates at the following address .

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the ALICE Image, please contact

Note that with the simplification of the logo we have been able to develop three new items for the ALICE shop which are on sale at the secretariat: 1) Polar jackets for men and women (brand: Switcher) 2) Memory sticks 16 GB with the ALICE logo 3) Key holders from the famous Swiss brand Wenger (soon available at the secretariat).

Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to improve the ALICE Visual Image.

Your ALICE Image Team, Julie and Catherine