Published: 01 March 2014

As part of a general effort to improve the effectiveness of our collaboration, the Management Board has discussed the structure of the ALICE Weeks and Mini Weeks. We agreed on a few small changes to the Mini Weeks, and rather substantial ones for the ALICE weeks.

There is a consensus that more time shall be devoted to plenary sessions, in which both physics and detectors will be reviewed. This will allow every member of the collaboration to get a complete picture of the status of the experiment, its operation and the ongoing analyses. There will be 5 half-days of plenaries during the first three days of the week, so that all of the above can be covered and there will still be some time to devote to topical presentations and in depth discussion of a few subjects.

We think that the new structure will increase awareness for issues in the experiment and foster the involvement of all members in resolving them. In addition, it will lead to a broader exposure of people presenting the plenary presentations and ease the way for people entering the collaboration.

The new structure will take effect from the upcoming March ALICE week so please update your calendar and your travel plans!