by Panos Charitos. Published: 17 April 2013

The three new ALICE junior representatives, Chiara Bianchin, Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus and Jochen Klein attended the meeting of the Collaboration Board where they had the chance to raise some important points.

One of these points is related to the recent discussion on the future of proceedings which is ongoing in the LHC experiments. The representatives have stressed that for job applications it is important that PhD students and postdocs, in particular at the beginning of their careers, have their name appearing in scientific publications and conference proceedings. And ALICE should strive to have competitive students growing in the collaboration such that many can stay within the field.

Service tasks that are now compulsory for every PhD student have also been discussed. Students will have the chance to better understand the function of sub-systems if they spend part of their time in service tasks. Apart from the technical knowledge they will acquire, they will also develop their data analysis skills. Service tasks have silently existed for a long time and the formalization of them is appreciated by the junior representatives as a way to make their distribution fair and transparent.

Moreover, during the Collaboration Board it has been reminded that supervisors have to register PhD students with their thesis topic. The students will have to upload a copy of their thesis on the CDS.

The ALICE juniors have many more items on their agenda. One of them is related to the re-organization of the code and the analysis framework documentation. This is particularly important for juniors, since they often deal with “getting started” with new topics. Senior members are also concerned and a discussion on possible improvements is ongoing in several working groups.

A forum has been created, so that the juniors can state their opinion on any subject, hence forming a culture of participation in decision making. The goal is to achieve a broad consensus on key issues in order to create true representation by the three ALICE juniors that take part in the Collaboration Board. As Jan Fiete puts it: “the purpose of our participation in the CB is to represent the opinions of as many ALICE juniors as possible and not just to express our personal beliefs”. Equally important is to report on the discussions taking place in the collaboration such that also young people have a chance to see what is going on. It seems that the ALICE juniors have embraced this initiative until now and extended participation in the recent elections is the best proof. However, Chiara, Jan, Jochen and the rest of the members of the junior committee believe even more can be achieved. They keep thinking of new ways to contact the juniors and invite them to participate in the new initiative while also encouraging social activities among juniors.

Therefore, in the next Juniors’ day (or at any other time) do not hesitate to contact them and find out more about how you can participate. In the new Juniors' website you can find more information about current discussions on the abovementioned topics while one can find summaries of the recent CBs as well as information about the interaction of the PWGs with the Physics Forum. So visit the Juniors’ webpage, leave a message if you want, and stay tuned!