by Panos Charitos. Published: 19 February 2013

ALICE had every reason to celebrate the end of the pA run! A total integrated luminosity of 30 nb -1 has been achieved; not an easy task and certainly a good reason to celebrate.

The success of the run is due to the copious efforts of the people who were on shift at P2, the QA team and the teams working on reconstruction and analysis and they were all invited in the special party that ALICE organized at P2. It was a unique opportunity from friends and colleagues from all over the world to meet again and discuss the proton-lead run and the future upgrade plans of ALICE. We are all so eager to see how the results which are starting to emerge will develop.

One of course should not forget to mention the various teams working on the LHC injection scheme, the LHC operations team and CERN accelerator physicists who did a wonderful job. Thank you all for overcoming the technical and physical challenges and making this type of asymmetric collisions. Stay tuned as more exciting physics is lying ahead after the LS1 period.

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