by Despina Hatzifotiadou. Published: 30 April 2014

The 10th International Masterclasses took place from 12.3 until 12.4.2014 with the participation of 200 institutes from 41 countries. 10 000 pupils were introduced to particle physics and discovered the secrets of matter and forces via one of the six measurements based on LHC data offered in 2014.

ALICE offered two such measurements, the search for strange particles and the nuclear modification factor, and 16 masterclasses took place during 4 days in 14 institutes. This year there were new institutes joining this successful programme, such as Cape Town - iThemba labs in South Africa, Cairo - ECTP (Egyptian Centre for Theoretical Physics) in Egypt, Warsaw University of Technology in Poland and Curitiba in Brazil.

At CERN two masterclasses took place, both "looking for strange particles in ALICE". For the first one, on April 3, two classes (terminales scientifiques) came to CERN from the Lycée St. Marie à la Verpillière, in Isère. 65 pupils accompanied by 4 teachers made the two-hour trip to Geneva and spent a long day at CERN. In the morning they followed lectures and visited ALICE and the LHC tunnel at Point 2. In the afternoon they worked in the CERN training centre analyzing data from lead collisions where they observed strangeness enhancement. At the end of the day they shared their results with another 4 institutes during an hour-long videoconference. When they left for the two-hour return journey they were tired but content.

Students from the Lycée St. Marie à la Verpillière, in Isère travelled to CERN to take parti in one of the masterclasses earlier on April.

On April 5 twenty students came, this time individually, and they followed a similar programme.

An article written by one of the participants can be read on this issue of ALICE Matters: "A student's impressions of ALICE Masterclasses"