by Panos Charitos. Published: 16 September 2013

Ale de La Puente is a Mexican fine artist and industrial designer with a Masters in Shipbuilding who was the runner up to Bill Fontana in the Prix Ars Electronica International Competition for artists to win a residency at CERN.

Ale de la Puente is no stranger to science. In her work she addresses the notions of time, space and memory combining conceptualism with multimedia. She has been actively working and collaborating with scientists from the National Institute of Astronomy in Mexico where she is developing new work She recently participated in an exhibition called Kosmica in Mexico City, where she cooked up an artistic recreation of the history of the universe with Mexico's leading chef, Enrique Olvera.

As her runners up prize, Ale visited CERN earlier in September (9-13) following an invitation by the Arts@CERN team. Her trip was funded by the Mexican Cultural Ministry. This was to inspire her artistic work with the ideas and practice of particle physics and the CERN laboratory.

As part of her visit, Ale visited ALICE where Gerardo Herrera Corral guided her around the cavern, showed her the detectors and discussed the questions addressed by ALICE. During her visit she had the chance to find out more about the strong participation of Mexican teams in ALICE. Mexican participation in ALICE has progressively grown and two of the ALICE detectors, V0 and ACORDE, were entirely built in Mexico and are operated by Mexican physicists.

Moreover, Ale held a series of art workshops at CERN. The purpose of these workshops was to investigate and discover the creation of metaphors devoted to time, scale and space both in art and science. Each workshop had a different theme, namely: TIME, SCALE and SPACE and during the workshop, participants had the chance to discuss and share ideas about the connections and differences between the arts and science.