by Panos Charitos. Published: 15 September 2013

On August 3 2013 Antonello Di Mauro received the “Garganus” award from “Parco Nazionale del Gargano” in the context of the 22nd Edition of “Premio Internazionale di Cultura Re Manfredi”, held in Manfredonia, Italy.

Antonello has been working for the technical coordination of ALICE and for the HMPID detector as deputy project leader. He is currently responsible for beam instrumentation and background monitoring and also coordinator of the ITS upgrade inner barrel layers assembly.

Antonello Di Mauro receives the "Garganus" award from Dr. S. Pecorella, President of "Parco Nazionale del Gargano" (photo courtesy of L. A. Capaiuolo)

The “Garganus” award is attributed to individuals, entities and enterprises, linked to the Gargano promontory (Foggia, Italy), in a wide framework of culture, science, journalism, entertainment, who have been distinguished for their work for the preservation of the environment, in all its meanings: nature, history, culture, and not least in relation with sustainable development and quality of life.

Antonello was awarded for: “his career in a prestigious Institution like CERN and for his contribution to scientific research in the context of the ALICE experiment which is giving us the possibility of a real journey to the origin of the Universe”.

Awards such as “Garganus” are an opportunity of informing and perhaps intriguing the general public as well as recognizing citizens who have significant achievements in their field.

Antonello Di Mauro with Francois Piuz, “father” of HMPID and former project leader.

In the case of elementary particle physics – a field that is not so widely known - the media coverage of a "cultural" premium is more than welcome. It allows reaching a wider public that might not be aware of the research undertaken in high energy physics.