by Panos Charitos. Published: 02 November 2012

Armenuhi Abramyan, member of ANSL/ALICE team and Master student at State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) received this year's 1st prize of the President of Republic of Armenia as the Best Bachelor Student in the field of Information Technologies.

The first Presidential Educational Award was held in 2005 when 18 best students and pupils were nominated. Designed under the slogan “Recognize the best, inspire the next”, the Award annually honours top students in the IT sphere, who have demonstrated excellent achievements in their studies and research work through the highest grades, involvement in social programs, participation in Olympiads and other competitions, publishing scientific papers or articles, and who have comprehensive knowledge and talent.

Presidential Educational Award is annually awarded to students working in the field of IT from the President of the Armenian Republic

The Award includes the following categories: “Grand Prix”, “Best PhD/Master/Bachelor/Diaspora Student” (1st and 2nd categories) and “Best Female/High School Student” and is granted to the best students and pupils from five universities and six schools.

The contest of the Presidential Educational Award consists of two stages. In the first stage the universities and high schools screen the applications and submit the top ten applications in each nomination to the Award Committee. The Committee further screens the applications and selects preliminary candidates. At the second stage the Committee conducts individual interviews with the candidates and finally selects the winners.

Armenuhi says: “I have applied to this award with my Bachelor diploma thesis entitled: Study and presentation of the CERN ALICE experiment Grid infrastructure on the base of UML diagrams which I have defended with excellence in May of this year. The diploma thesis presents my work on the development of a series of Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams describing the functionality of AliEn (ALICE Environment on the Grid) services”. Armenuhi started working on this project while at CERN in 2010 and then continued in ANSL. The project resulted in creating UML Sequence diagrams describing the AliEn Job execution process and the PackMan service.

Armenuhi Abramyan, member of ANSL/ALICE team and Master student at State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) received this year 1st prize of the President of Republic of Armenia.

Armenuhi’s diploma thesis was written in Armenian, as well as in English which she finds one of the good traditions of the ANSL/ALICE group. After successfully completing the 1st stage of the contest she was invited for an interview. The jury committee had many different questions about the project.The questions weren't so difficult during my interview, but I remember that the process made me nervous. There were questions about my activity in the ALICE experiment and about the experiment itself, about the Grid, etc.

The awarding ceremony took place this year on October 4 and Armenuhi received the first category Award from the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. The Award consists of a diploma, a money prize and a trophy evoking IT.