by Panos Charitos. Published: 29 April 2014

Mexico’s participation at CERN started 20 years ago when for the first time a group of reseachers from various institutions joined the ALICE experiment. More recently another group joined the CMS collaboration while more and more scientists are now interested in the so-called Big Science projects. Future looks bright for Mexican scientists working in the field of High Energy Physics. Their participation in bigger projects in Europe and American has been growing while the recent discoveries at the LHC point to exciting new directions in physics research.

Gerardo Herrera Corral, who has been working with ALICE since the early days of the collaboration was asked by CINVESTAV to edit a special issue of “Avance y Perspectiva”, CINVESTAV’s newsletter, covering the recent developments in the fiels of HEP with the discoveries from the LHC but also in the fields of cosmology where PLANC recently presented its first results.

In his editorial, Gerardo notes: “Never before was man so close to the origin of the universe and never before raised in a laboratory the most fundamental questions in the expectation of an imminent response. This triggers concerns awakens old fears and enlivens debates”. Recent developments from the LHC and Planch are discussed by a number of contributors including Alberto Guikosa, Ricardo Lopez and Susana Quintanilla discuss. The author of this article was kindly asked to contribute with his thoughts about the dialogue between science and religion.

You can read the special issue of AyP: here