by Catherine Decosse. Published: 17 November 2010

Major elections have been on the agenda of all the 2010 meetings of the ALICE Collaboration Board.

Paolo Giubellino (INFN Torino) was voted spokesperson by the collaboration on 24 March. At the June meeting, Peter Braun-Munzinger (GSI) was elected as the future chair of the Collaboration Board. Both will start their three year mandates in January 2011.

Last Friday the Collaboration Board endorsed several coordinators, deputies and internal board chairs; as well as new project leaders, deputies and technical coordinators of sub-projects. Two of the four members of the Management Board, who are elected ad personam, were also voted in.


Yves Schutz, left, and Johannes Wessels, right

Yves Schutz (Subatech) and Johannes Wessels (University of Münster) have both been endorsed as Deputy Spokesperson from January 2011.


John Harris, left, and Gennady Zinovjev, right

John Harris (Yale University) and Gennady Zinovjev (BIPT Kiev) have been endorsed as deputy chairs of the Collaboration Board for a period of three years starting January 2011.


Thomas Peitzmann

Thomas Peitzmann (Utrecht University) has been endorsed as upgrade coordinator for a period of three years starting January 2011.


Paolo Martinengo

Paolo Martinengo (CERN) has been appointed run coordinator for one year starting in January 2011.


Helmut Oeschler

Helmut Oeschler (TU Darmstadt) has been appointed chair of the Editorial Board for three years starting in January 2011.


Ermanno Vercellin

Ermanno Vercellin (INFN, Torino) has been appointed chair of the conference committee for three years starting in January 2011.


Wilsa Carena, left, and Tapan Nayek, right

Wisla Carena (CERN) and Tapan Nayak (VECC, Kolkata) have been elected Members ‘ad personam’ of the Management Board for three years starting in January 2011.


Paul Kuijer, left, and Bruno Ghidini, right

Paul Kuijer (NIKHEF, Amsterdam) and Bruno Ghidini (University of Bari) have been endorsed as members of the Thesis Committee.

The Collaboration Board has also accepted the following changes in the structure of sub-projects in 2011:


Luciano Musa

Luciano Musa (CERN) will become the ITS project leader.


Harald Appelshaueser

Harald Appelshaueser (University of Frankfurt) will become the TPC project leader.


Chilo Garabatos

Chilo Garabatos (GSI) will become the TPC deputy project leader.


Christian Lipmann

Christian Lipmann (GSI) will become the TPC technical coordinator.


Alberto Baldisseri

Alberto Baldisseri (CEA Saclay) will become the Muon project leader.


Ken Oyama

Ken Oyama (Heidelberg University) will become the deputy Trigger coordinator.