by Julie Hadre. Published: 22 July 2013

The ALICE collaboration board has voted, in its session of July 17, 2013, to renew the mandate of Paolo Giubellino as ALICE spokesperson for a second term of 3 years, starting as from January 2014. The CB expressed its confidence in Paolo Giubellino with a much larger majority than the required 2/3. The ALICE MATTERS team would like to congratulate Paolo and wish him all the best for his second term.

We asked Paolo to kindly share a few words through our newsletter:

"I am honored by the confidence that the Collaboration expressed in my work and I will make a great effort to live up to it.

As you all know the Collaboration is facing many challenges; working simultaneously in extracting the physics results from the first runs, preparing for the very important second run at the LHC after the LS1 and developing and building the upgraded detectors for future runs 3 and 4.

I believe that we have obtained great results, of which we can all be proud, but there is still a long way to go. Moreover, the way in which the experiment and its management is operating can be substantially improved. There are already some ideas that could be implemented, but I would be grateful to anyone in the collaboration who will express constructive criticism or voice ideas that could further improve our mode of operation.

ALICE has more than ten years of life ahead, and we should put our best effort to make it not only as successful as possible but also turn it into an opportunity for personal fulfillment and satisfaction for each and everyone of us. “

Paolo Giubellino was re-elected as ALICE spokesperson for a second term until the end of 2017.

At the recent ALICE Collaboration Board on July 19, Andrea Dainese and Jun Takahashi were given a warm welcome to the Editorial Board, as they were endorsed with an unanimous decision. In addition, Physics Working Group conveners Anton Andronic, Christian Klein Boesing, Jean-Pierre Revol and Raimond Snelling stepped down at the end of their mandate. They were succeeded by Panos Christakoglou, Jana Belcikova, Orlando Villalobos Baillie and Giuseppe Bruno, whose election also met the general consensus.

Moreover, two new institutes were introduced to the Collaboration, the Liverpool University, represented by Marielle Chartier, as a full member and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), represented by Suharyo (Haryo) Sumowidagdo, as an associate member.

Finally, the new ALICE shift model was presented to the members of the Board and it was approved unanimously.