by Catherine Decosse. Published: 25 November 2011

The latest ALICE Collaboration Board meeting was held on Friday 18th November. The following summarises the decisions taken.

We have two new associate institutes joining the Collaboration. Talca University from Chile ( and Suranaree University of Technology from Thailand ( Dedicated articles about them and their involvement in the experiment will be published in the next issue of ALICE Matters.

We had several new coordinators confirmed for next year:

- Gilda Scioli: 2012 Run Coordinator

- Ken Oyama: Trigger Coordinator

- Evgheny Kryshen: Deputy Trigger Coordinator

- Catherine Decosse was reconfirmed as the ALICE Resources Coordinator for another three years.

- Federico Antinori, who had previously been confirmed as Physics Coordinator as of January 2012, presented two deputies: Mateusz Ploskon and Silvia Masciocchi.

The new structure of the Physics Working Groups (PWGs) and the composition of the Physics Board were unanimously approved by the Collaboration Board.

In 2012 we shall have 8 Physics Working Groups with the following coordinators:

1. Physics Performance (A. Morsch and D. Miskowiec)

2. Light Flavour Spectra (B. Hippolyte and M. Floris)

3. Heavy Flavour (A. Dainese and Ph. Crochet)

4. Jets (M. van Leeuwen and C. Klein-Bösing)

5. Bulk, Correlations, Fluctuations (R. Snellings and J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus)

6. Dileptons, Quarkonia (E. Scomparin and A. Andronic)

7. Photons, pi0 (H. Büsching and C. Loizides)

8. Ultra-peripheral, Diffractive, Cosmic, FP (J.-P. Revol and E. Scapparone)

The Members of the Physics Board will be:

The Physics Coordination: F. Antinori (chair), S. Masciocchi and M. Ploskon;

The Coordinators of the 8 Physics Working Groups;

Elected Members Ad personam: P. Braun-Munzinger, J. Harris, J. Schukraft and K. Safarik;

Ex officio: Spokesperson and deputies, Offline Coordinator, Trigger Coordinator, Run Coordinator, HLT Representative, Technical Coordinator, Upgrades Coordinator, EB chair and CC chair.