by Ian Randall. Published: 04 March 2011

CERN’s new television studio was put through its paces for the first time earlier this month - with an interview with Director General Rolf Heuer. The state of the art studio will provide a tailor-made space for future filming and photographic shoots.

“It’s been a long time that we’ve needed a studio,” says Neil Mills, of CERN’s visual media office, explaining that previous films were shot in many different places – some not entirely suited for filming. “We’ve had shows in the globe, the microcosm and the amphitheatre… There has been a demand for a studio space,” he adds.


CERN's new television studio, shown during the filming of 'Spotlight on CERN'

The 100 square meter television studio, which is located in building 510, is equipped with all the latest technology, including green screen, a cyclorama, a desk to seat a panel of interviewees and a teleprompter.

Up to eight separate high density cameras can be used in the studio to record different shots - with the capacity to mount cameras on a dolly, for smooth tracking shots, and on a a boom for higher views. The cameras are linked through a Tricaster production system which helps to manage the different footage.

The studio is nearly completely finished; with construction work on it having begun last October.

In the future, the studio might possibly be rented out to external journalists and organizations – as so that others may benefit from the facilities – which are among the best in the Geneva area.

The first video made within the new studio – a ‘Spotlight on CERN’ – can be viewed on the CERN Document Server.