by Carnita Hervet , Ulla Tihinen. Published: 19 November 2012

Vidyo: A new platform for video conferencing

As from the end of this year, CERN will be using the new VIDYO platform for video conferencing. Vidyo will be replacing EVO, which shall be phased out, although it will be maintained through 2012 in order to have a backup communications platform during transition.

Vidyo is a new platform that allows users to make point-to-point calls or multipoint videoconference meetings from their desktop machines, tablets and smartphones and can be used with every operational system including Windows (XP, Vista and 7 versions), Mac OS X” Leopard (10.5 or higher) and also Linux (Ubuntu 11.04, 11.20, 12.04, Fedora Core 16,17, Debian 5,6,7 and SLC 5.7 to 6.3). Of course Vidyo application has been installed in all the conference rooms which are equipped for video conference. Moreover, the Vidyo application is now available and can be easily downloaded for smartphones using ANDROID and iPhones and iPads.

The minimum requirements and more information about Vidyo can be found on the pages created by the IT department: