by Polly Bennett. Published: 25 November 2011

The new CERN Service Desk calls for greater usage in its plan to centralise and simplify the way incidents (e.g. no electricity in an office) and requests (e.g. request for an access to EDH) are dealt with at CERN. Barbara Brugger, the Service Desk manager, stresses that “for external CERN users coming for short periods of time it is not obvious who to contact if they have a problem related to, for example, IT, infrastructure, services or more general requests. The aim is to simplify the life of Users so they may carry on with their actual jobs while services takes care of their issues.”

Up and running since February 2011 the CERN Service Desk offers some previously non-existing services:

- One phone number: 77777. Calls made out of hours direct you to an appropriate emergency line, where necessary.

- One physical place, building 55 (close to entrance B), to go and talk to a team member about an issue or problem. It is open from 7.30am – 18.30pm every day except weekends.

The Service Portal ( - an online self-service form for tackling requests without the need to ring or email the team.

One email address to remember:

Computer stations for resolving issues with a team member present, such as resetting a User password or activate an account.

CERN Service Desk

The Service Portal

The CERN Service Desk was designed as a single point of contact to eliminate the confusing network of phone numbers and email addresses that were previously used to contact different CERN services. Now Users need only dial 77777 and their issues will be handled by the Service Desk Team.

It took one year to map all the services available at CERN, from which the online Service Portal was tailored. Using key search terms the Portal summarises all possible services the User may desire and, based on the required information for each service, produces a form allowing you to select for the specific solutions/support.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the service, some users have expressed frustration at the number of tickets and emails received. However, the task of designing this service was monumental and overall it seems to have eased the confusion and stress of contacting CERN services for new Users.