by Ian Randall. Published: 22 July 2011

A team from CERN’s table tennis club – which included an ALICE member - won the final of the 2011 Challenge Interenterprises tournament in Meyrin on 25 June this year. The competition, made up of teams from various organizations from the Geneva and Vaud regions, took place across May and June in the various home clubs of the participating teams.

In the finals, the CERN team 1 came in first place, with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in second, and Pictet, a private bank based in Geneva, bringing up third.

Savitha Flaecher

The winning team. From left to right: Savitha Flaecher, David Silvermyr and Christophe Haen

The players from the winning CERN team in the final were: Savitha Flaecher, from UNOSAT; David Silvermyr, of ALICE, and Christophe Haen, from LHCb. The team also consisted of Nick Barlow, of ATLAS; Carlos Chavez Barajas, from ATLAS; and Henning Flaecher, of CMS.

“Pictet was a tough team and perhaps the favourites to win the championship, but we managed to beat them 6-4,” said team captain Savitha Flaecher. “In the finals we faced a tougher challenge from EPFL and we stepped up our game and defeated them 6-4, to lift the trophy.”

Savitha Flaecher

CERN team 1, playing in the finals

Several teams from CERN played in the tournament, with three reaching the finals – including the team of ALICE’s Jean-Pierre Revol, who is also the president of the CERN table tennis club.

The CERN table tennis club has a tradition of participation in the Challenge Inter Enterprises tournaments, having also put forward several teams in each competition in the previous two years.