by Lucile HERVET . Published: 19 April 2013

As an Italian, Cinzia gushes like a ray of sun. It is with a smile on her lips that she has accepted to tell us a little about her thrilling experience at CERN. Her first experience with the HEP world was during her master thesis project. “My supervisor proposed me to develop a bookkeeping database in order to facilitate the management of a HEP experiment's data.” explains Cinzia.

When she arrived at CERN in 2009, she was supposed to stay only for a short period. But apparently fate had decided otherwise seeing that in 2013 Cinzia still strides along the halls of CERN. A computer science PhD student, Cinzia started her adventure by developing an interface between the ROOT analysis framework and the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system. “It’ was a really nice experience so I thought I could also apply to do my PhD at CERN” says Cinzia. No sooner said than done, in November 2010 she started her PhD. She is currently working for the AliEn project (ALICE Environment). “It’s the frame grid used for the ALICE experiment to simulate, reconstruct and analyse data in a distributed way” she explains. As the ALICE experiment is huge and spreads all over the world, physicists based in all parts need to access the data. The AliEn project provides a grid environment to manage and to make the data accessible from anywhere. “I am working on a small part of the project, my aim is to give the possibility to use the ALICE parallel analysis facilities as a Grid service. This service will allow physicists to set up a dynamic PROOF cluster on any resources of the AliEn grid” reports Cinzia.

Cinzia Luzzi smiling as always.

Despite the Long Shutdown, the friendly girl won’t take holidays. Indeed, the AliEn project still needs to be improved and she keeps adding new features to the ROOT/CAD interface. Thirsty for knowledge, the Southern Italian girl has attended the Computer School of CERN to improve her general view on different topics of computer science and to learn more about Physics Computing. “When you learn new things it’s always useful. I really liked the experience, it was full of interesting things” confess Cinzia. Serious and rigorous in her work, she also likes to bake in her free time “I really love it and I often try to reproduce many different cake shapes” she says. She also likes fitness and goes out for dinner with her friends. Cinzia has the taste of adventure in her blood as she likes to travel and explore the world as much as possible.” I often organize little trips around Europe or why not, just in Switzerland, I really like Swiss villages” she says. Dynamic, smiling and fair, Cinzia enjoys every moment to learn, discover and travel.

The next trip? A land of volcano… Iceland.