by Panos Charitos. Published: 15 September 2013

The comic book "The Electric Sheep and the memory of the Universe" written by the science communicator Jose Gordon and illustrated by the famous Mexican cartoonist Ricardo Garcia Micro was presented at the Cultural Centre "Elena Garro" in Mexico.

On Thursday August 15, the Multipurpose Hall cultural centre filled with fans and friends of Gordon and illustrator José Ricardo García Micro, authors of this book that seeks to bring children to science.

The Electric Sheep is based on a successful TV-series. It is partly inspired by the science fiction book "Do androids dream of electric sheep?” by Philip K. Dick, a book that was published in 1968 and provided the inspiration for Blade Runner. In the Electric Sheep, the creators seek to make an independent adventure, created by small stories in an entertaining attempt to introduce readers to topics like "Quarks", the "Higgs Boson" and the evolution of our Universe, among others.

The comic book features the adventures of the electric sheep and through the comic pages, the readers travel in the amazing world of particle physics, the origins of the Universe and some of the fundamental questions that scientists are trying to answer at the LHC/CERN. Gerardo Herrera is one of the heroes of the book and ALICE is one of the experiments that the electric sheep is visiting during his journey. Not a surprise if you think that ALICE has one of the strongest Mexican participations and two of the ALICE subdetectors, V0 and ACORDE, were built in Mexico and are operated by Mexican groups.

The book was presented by ALICE physicist Gerardo Herrera, Professor in the University of Cinvestav, Maris Bustamante, visual artist, the musician and broadcaster Fernando Rivera Calderón and the writer and director of the International Cervantes Festival, Jorge Volpi. Gerardo Herrera referred to scientific and artistic work and how they are intertwined in culture but each with its own distinct language. He also referred to the tangible meeting point created by the text of Gordon and the illustration of Micro. Joseph Gordon also thanked Micro for "giving voice to the equations that are used to communicate" in addition to their ability to share worlds . Fernando Rivera Calderón highlighted spaces where science and art can coexist, emphasizing that " this book that give us is one of those wonderful books that we can share with our children".

One of the qualities of electric Sheep and memory of the universe is that it is formed from important questions that move the readers from the most fundamental particles to the large scales of the universe. As Jorge Volpi mentioned: "We must be scientifically and mathematically illiterate , we should find a way to make science fun and engaging".

In his speech, Ricardo Garcia Micro could not hide his excitement and he thanked the audience many times. Working on this comic book reminded him the curiosity that he had as a child to discover and explore new worlds. Finally, José Gordon explained that the format of the comic book form is an effective way to reassess a genre that had been neglected for a long time but has multiple communication skills. He stressed that science and art have to be common references in everyday life and in that sense they should be more and more entrenched in popular culture.

The book was published by Sexto Piso and is supported by the National Council for Culture and the Arts and the arts of Fine Arts. You can order your own copy and we hope that soon the comic book will be translated in other languages.