by Panos Charitos. Published: 20 August 2013

ALICE’s Spokesperson, Paolo Giubellino, together with four Italian physicists who are or have acted as spokespersons of the LHC experiments, was awarded the prestigious Enrico Fermi Prize.

The award was established 12 years ago, in honour of Enrico Fermi’s 100th birthday, to recognize particularly outstanding work done by members of the Italian Physical Society.

Paolo Giubellino, was honoured for “the unveiling, with the ALICE experiment, of the new features of the hottest and densest state of matter ever produced in very high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions, in particular those of the short lived, rapidly evolving and strongly interacting deconfined medium generated in such extreme conditions.”

Recipients will receive their awards at the annual Italian Physical Society meeting this September.

For the significant results achieved during the successful runs of the LHC experiments the prize was also awarded to: Pierluigi Campana (LHCb spokesperson), Simone Giani (TOTEM spokesperson), Fabiola Gianotti (former ATLAS spokesperson) and Guido Tonelli (former CMS spokesperson). “The award comes as a result of the many years of work we have all done together and I see it as a recognition to the whole collaboration”, says Paolo Giubellino.

Previous winners on the award include former CERN director general Luciano Maiani, Nicola Cabibbo for his work on the weak interaction as well as Dieter Haidt and Antonino Pullia for their contributions to the discovery of weak neutral currents in the Gargamelle neutrino experiment.

The prize will be conferred during the opening ceremony of the XCIX National Congress of the Italian Physical Society that will be held in Trieste (Italy) on September 23rd, 2013.