by Premomoy Ghosh. Published: 20 June 2013

The Physics of heavy flavour has been at the frontier of the physics topics at the LHC energies. With the availability of heavy flavour data from experiments at LHC, this topic has generated a lot of theoretical and phenomenological activities all over, resulting in heavy flavour specific workshops and conferences. The ALICE collaborators in India, with the aim of bringing the experimentalists and theorists working in this frontier field of research to a common discussion forum, organized the first meeting on this specific topic at the national level. Of course, the organizers invited ALICE collaborators from CERN and RHIC to discuss latest experimental results. The meeting was held in the period 29 April – 1st May 2013 and the venue of the meeting was chosen to be IIT-Bombay, Mumbai, where the ALICE-India Collaboration meeting also took place just before the HF meeting. 

Participants of the Heavy Flavour '13 meeting that was held from 29th April – 1st May in IIT-Bombay.


After the welcome addresses by Raghava Varma, the Chair of the Organizing Committee on behalf of the organizers and by P.P. Singh, Head of the Department of Physics, IITB, Shibaji Raha, Director, Bose Institute, Kolkata inaugurated the meeting. Bikash Sinha, Homi Bhaba Professor, delivered the keynote address. The inaugural session ended with the vote of thanks by Sadhana Dash, Secretary of the Organizing Committee.   

The scientific program started with a talk by Federico Antinori, the physics coordinator of ALICE, followed by talks and discussions on heavy flavour production, both open and hidden, covering topics in domains of Particle Physics and Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions. Heavy flavour as a probe to study QGP in heavy ion collisions had been the special topic of interest. Experts in the fields shared their work with the new young Ph.D students. While notable theorists, Asis Choudhuri, Sourendu Gupta, Munshi Gulam Mustafa, Anirban Kundu, Amal Dighe and Nita Sinha discussed theoretical aspects, Andrea Dainese, Andrea Rossi, Zaida Conesa Del Valle from ALICE and Zangbu Xu from STAR covered the main aspects of experimental results.

The two-and-a-half day meeting ended with a few words from Premomoy Ghosh, one of the Conveners, on the motivation and idea for holding this meeting. Paolo Guibellino, the ALICE spokesperson, concluded by thanking the organizers for organizing this beautiful meeting and expressed the hope to witness many such fruitful meetings in India. It has been proposed to organize the next HF meeting in Kolkata in the year 2015.