by Rosario Nania. Published: 17 May 2013

The annual INFN meeting "Incontri di Fisica di Alta Energia", IFAE 2013, was held in Cagliari from 3 to 5 April 2013.

The meetings of this series include presentations and posters which cover results from collider experiments (LHC, Tevatron, Belle, Babar ...) as well as underground experiments (from the Gran Sasso National laboratory, LNGS) and astroparticle physics ( AMS, FERMI, a.o). Together with experimental results there are also several theoretical presentations and review talks which make a complete panorama of INFN activities in high energy physics.

ALICE participated in IFAE 2013 with 3 posters presented bt M.Colocci, A. Festanti and R.Russo

IFAE meetings are characterized by a special emphasis on contributions from young researchers. As underlined by INFN president Professor Ferroni, the contribution of young physicists to the experiments and to theoretical studies has been and is fundamental for INFN and it is part of the INFN DNA the continuous effort to maintain very high standards for their preparation. These meetings are part of these efforts and testify, via the interesting presentations and lively discussion sessions, the high quality of the young Italian physicists. Unfortunately only a fraction of them will remain within Italian institutions, but their work is much appreciated also in other countries and universities.

ALICE participated with 3 posters (M.Colocci, A. Festanti and R.Russo) and a presentation of M. Tangaro at the PHD session. Two talks were scheduled in a session dedicated to Heavy Ion physics at LHC: B. Guerzoni on spectra, flow and RAA , M. Gagliardi on Heavy Flavour and Charmonia. C. Oppedisano gave an overview on the physics of Heavy Ions at LHC and she was awarded with the prize as best presentation for IFAE 2013. Congratulations to Chiara!

Some members of the Cagliari ALICE group were members of the organizing committee. From left to right: Cicalo, Puddu, Usai, Falco, Masoni, Serci

After the opening dinner. From left to right: Puddu, Arnaldi (Heavy Ion and PQCD convener), Oppedisano, Gagliardi

At the meeting there were different hot topics (Higgs, SUSY, new AMS results...) but also the ALICE data stimulated interesting discussions on how QCD works in p-p, p-Pb, Pb-Pb at low and intermediate Pt. Next meeting will be in L'Aquila and let's hope to see again many motivated young ALICE members presenting new stimulating results.