Published: 18 December 2012

Dear All/Juniors

It is now time to think about the elections of the Junior Representatives for the ALICE Collaboration Board!
Let me remind you what we discussed at the last Junior Day in October.
The CB decision says that we should vote for 3 junior representatives. A junior is either a PhD student, or a post-doc whose degree was awarded less than 5 years ago, or someone who is not a PhD student whose degree was awarded less than 8 years ago. Among the 3 juniors, at least one has to be a graduate student (PhD).

  • • The candidates should be voted in so that they can participate in the next collaboration board (March 22nd tbc). We do not want to miss this!

  • • Candidates should propose themselves by sending an email with a few line presentation of themselves (including why they are interested in being junior representatives),

  • • Deadline is the end of the year

  • • A list of candidates will be circulated at the beginning of January.

  • • In the mini-week in January (starting 21.01. tbc), there will be a session where the juniors can have a discussion with the candidates.

  • • An anonymous vote will take place in February; each junior has up to 3 votes. Each candidate can receive a maximum of one vote from one junior.

  • • The appointment is for two years, not renewable.

The ALICE CB meets every ALICE week and has a representative from every institution. It is the ruling body of the collaboration where all the major decisions are made.

If you are an enthusiastic junior interested in bringing the juniors' voice to the ALICE CB and are willing to represent our increasingly large community of juniors in the main board of ALICE, send us your nomination!

If you have not subscribed to the junior mailing list (alice-juniors) yet, please do so because further discussions and information regarding the elections (and other events) will continue there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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