by Panos Charitos. Published: 15 April 2013

The conference "LHC France 2013" on high energy physics at the Large Hadron Collider, was held from 2 to 6 April 2013 in Annecy, France.

One of the main goals of this conference was to bring together members of the IN2P3-CNRS and CEA-IRFU laboratories and physicists from the four LHC collaborations: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb. The opportunity was a privileged moment of exchange for the French community of experimental physicists and theorists in high energy physics.

Results from the LHC experiments were presented and discussed during plenary sessions and a poster session. LHC France provided the opportunity to assess the progress of various research themes: electroweak interactions, Higgs boson, top quark, Supersymmetry and exotic heavy flavour, CP violation and plasma of quarks and gluons

On 4 April, A.Mas (Subatech) presented direct photon measurements with ALICE and N.Arbor (LPSC) gave a talk entitled “Toward Jet tomography of QGP in ALICE”. The following day, during the second session on “Heavy Flavours”, L. Valencia Palomo (IPNO) discussed Quarkonium and open heavy flavours, while later in the afternoon, in a session chaired by Boris Hipollyte, four speeches were given. First, M.Marcisone (LPC) discussed Quarkonia and heavy flavour from Pb-Pb collisions. In addition, L.Massacrier (SUBATECH) talked about J/ψ elliptic flow measurements in Pb-Pb. Finally, A.Uras (IPNL) and T. Takaki (IPNO) delivered speeches on Soft QCD regime on di-muon resonances in p-p,p-Pb,Pb-Pb and “Low-x structures of nuclei with J/ψ production, in Ultra-Peripheral Pb-Pb collisions” respectively.

The current status of the ALICE detectors was discussed by I.Belikov (IPHC). The meeting also offered the opportunity to discuss the detectors' upgrade plans for the future runs of the LHC as well as the general prospects for high energy physics. During the last day of the conference, L.Molnar (IPHC) presented an overview of the ALICE upgrade.

The participants of the LHC France 2013 Conference.

The conference closed with a session on “LHC Physics Outlook & Perspectives”, in which “Heavy Ions prospects beyond 1 nb1” were discussed by P. Braun-Munzinger. Then, J.Alcazar from CIEMAT presented the potential of BSM searches, while A.Nisati (INFN Roma) talked on the prospects of Higgs physics and G.Wilkinson (Oxford) addressed the subject of “Precision measurements prospects HF and EWK”.

Finally, a poster session was organized during the LHC France 2013. The posters were displayed during the conference and the poster discussion session was held on Friday April 5th.

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