by Alberto Baldisseri & Fabienne Orsini. Published: 31 January 2014

Marc started his career at CEA in 1978 as a superior technician in mechanical devices and structures. He was involved very early in the construction of wire chambers for particle physics in the NA4 MUON experiment at CERN.

In 1980, his knowledge and know-how in various domains from gaseous detectors, composite materials, gas supply, a.o, allowed him to participate in the construction of a large drift chamber of ‘JADE’ type for GSI Darmstadt to the construction of another spherical wire chamber for LURE at ORSAY.

Marc in the ALICE cavern in 2007, in front the one of the MUON Tracking chamber.

In 1990, Marc contributed to the DELPHI TPC and participated in the construction of the NOMAD chambers at CERN. The high quality of his work, his rigor and his human quality were key elements in the realization and success of complex detectors for large experiments.

At the end of the 90s, he was leading a group of technicians for detectors realization and integration at CEA/IRFU.

By 2000 he had accomplished exceptional work as engineer but also as supervisor in different projects: design, realization and installation of the COMPASS drift chambers and Micromegas chambers, and design, realization of the light distribution system for the calibration of the crystals of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter. Then, he was strongly involved in the construction and installation in the cavern of a quarter of the ALICE muon spectrometer tracking chambers, where he managed the team of the CEA production site. Following his usual way in driving a project and in motivating his colleagues he led many successful projects.

Since 2008, he was promoted to Group Leader at CEA/IRFU of a Detector/Accelerator construction and Integration Laboratory (LIDA) and was also the supervisor of the CEA/IRFU laboratory in charge of the Micromegas detectors.

Apart from detectors Marc had another great passion for sports. He was the president of the Athletic club of Creteil (south of Paris) and a professional coach of endurance race. Himself a complete athlete, he trained many young and confirmed runners for more than 20 years with his usual kindness. His sudden disappearance leaves a great void among his colleagues and friends.