by Rafał Sarnecki. Published: 27 May 2014

The first ALICE Masterclass day took place at Faculty of Physics at Warsaw University of Technology on Saturday, July 5th. More than 60 high school students and 10 free listeners from Warsaw attended the lectures and exercises. The Masterclass session was prepared and organized by more than 10 people from the Heavy Ion Reactions Group at the Faculty of Physics, with cooperation with administration of the Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Transport.

Participants in the ALICE Masterclass that took place in the Warsaw University of Technology.

Analyzing ALICE data from lead-lead collisions.

At the beginning of the Masterclass session, students were welcomed by Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Prof. Miroslaw Karpierz. After the welcome address three lectures followed giving the students an insight into the the fundamental bricks of matter and laws of Nature. First introductory lecture was given by Prof. Jan Pluta, who spoke about general concepts of particle physics. It was followed by a lecture given by Prof. Adam Kisiel, who presented CERN, accelerators, particle detection techniques and ALICE experiment. The last lecture, given by Dr. Hanna Zbroszczyk, was focused on strange particles and methods of their analysis. In her talk she introduced concept of “strangeness”, explained different decay patterns and analysis techniques like V0s and cascades. The lectures finished with a lunch break.

Happy faces at the end of the ALICE masterclass.


The date

Probably April 5th. Happy faces so probably all went fine (?) Congratulations !