by Nada Ezzelarab. Published: 15 August 2014

I discovered my interest in nuclear physics and high-energy particle physics during my studies at my university. I became familiar with CERN's activities and applied to join the Egyptian Center for Theoretical Physics (ECTP), which is part of the ALICE collaboration. I started working to earn the master's degree in this field. Therefore being accepted to CERN's summer students programme was a great step to improve my skills

My project is mainly about light flavours. I used tools such as C++, Root, Pythia8 and AliRoot to extract the physics from the data.

During my time at CERN I had the chance to visit Geneva and its neighbouring areas and often spend time around the lake – at least when the sun glimpsed through the piling clouds over Geneva.

Looking back to these two months I can say that CERN is a very good place for scientists from all over the world. I will never forget the amazing feeling that I had when we visited the detectors, the high academic quality of the lectures and the new friends that I made during my summer at CERN.