by Panos Charitos. Published: 29 April 2014

The Collaboration Board (CB) started with the announcement of the two ALICE best theses awards by Paul Kuijer, Chair of the ALICE Thesis Award Committee: 

•    Xianguo Lu was presented with the best technical thesis award for his PhD with title ”Exploring the performance limits of the ALICE Time Projection Chamber and Transition Radiation Detector for measuring identified hadron production at the LHC”
•    Marta Verweij received the best physics thesis award for her thesis: “Modeling and measurement of jet quenching in relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the LHC”.  

Several decisions were announced during that day:

Adriana Telesca has been endorsed as the new secretary of the Collaboration board.

The ALICE juniors, who for the first time have full voting rights, were welcomed by the Chair of the CB. They were already present at the previous Collaboration Board, they are very active and they have been granted with a slot to make a presentation. In order to make the voting right of the ALICE juniors representative official, the ALICE constitution will be modified. 

The new publication rules policy has been presented by Barbara Erazmus on behalf of the Editorial Board and has been approved by the CB members.

Ermanno Vercellin has been endorsed for a second mandate as Conference Committee Chair.

Constantin Loizides and Enrico Scomparin have been endorsed as Editorial Board Chairs. Paolo Giubellino, ALICE Spokesperson, thanked Helmut Oeschler and Barbara Erasmus for their work so far.

Paolo Giubellino announced the change in the SSD project leadership with Paul Kuijer as new project leader, Andrea Dainese assuming the new role of Coordinator of the Upgrade performance group and finally Kai Schweda participating in the thesis award committee.

ALICE CB has unanimously approved the admission of 2 new institutions: Witwatersrands (Wits) University from South Africa asked for full membership in association with the already existing groups of Ithemba Labs and the University of Cape Town. Bonn University in Germany was admitted as associate member. 

Finally, the CB members have decided on the place where the 2014 Autumn ALICE week will be organized. Two proposals were made for the organization venues, one in Budapest and the other in Croatia, Primosten. The CB decided that the Autumn ALICE Week should be hosted in Croatia as the LHC days in Split will be at the same time.