Published: 11 July 2014

On Friday July 4th 2014, the members of the Collaboration Board endorsed the new chairpersons of 3 Physics Working Groups and one member of the Conference Committee.

Eugenio Scapparone, Marco Van Leuwen and Enrico Scomparin will be replaced by Guillermo Contreras Nuno, Oliver Busch and Javier Castillo Castellanos, respectively for Ultraperipherical and Diffraction (PWG-UD), Jets (PWG-JE) and Dileptons and Quarkonia (PWG-DQ).

Christian Klein-Boesing is about to replace Helen Caines as member of the Conference Committee.

During the meeting, some additional details were provided to the members about the upcoming ALICE Week outside CERN which will take place in Primosten, Croatia, from 29 September to 03 October 2014.

The organizing committee has reminded the deadline for registration: 15 August 2014, as well as the one for hotel booking: 1 September 2014. As from this date, the regular fee will increase from 300 EUR to 350 EUR.

The preliminary timetable has been presented. The social dinner will take place on Wed. 01 October while the excursion to the Krka National Park is planned on Fri. 03 October. A football event is scheduled on Thu. 02 October.

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