by Premomoy Ghosh and Tapan Nayak. Published: 01 March 2014

On December 21 2013, Sabrakone, a sleepy remote village near Bishnupur in Bankura district of West Bengal, India, woke up to a heavy doze of science in a unique outreach programme organized by FREED, a non-Governmental organization under the aegis of Mr. Shyamaprosad Mukherjee, Minister In-charge, Ministry of Child Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

Bikash Sinha, Tapan Nayak and Premomoy Ghosh spoke about the Big Bang, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and ALICE to close to 800 students from over 20 schools and colleges from nearby villages. Through power point presentations, video clippings and using simple and attractive language, the students were explained the beginning of the Universe and how particles are made to travel at a speed close to that of light and collide.

Paolo Giubellino, Spokesperson of ALICE, joined the event via Skype and interacted with the students. The enthusiasm among the students reached so high that interaction sessions with students, after the presentations, continued for more than two hours on and off the dais.