by Lucile Hervet. Published: 20 June 2013

The "Passeport Big Bang" is a new way to visit and learn a bit more about CERN and each experiment. It took almost two years to organize the event. After weeks of rain, for the first edition of the "Passeport Big Bang" the sun was fortunately here. « It was very friendly, with lots of visitors about the exhibition platforms, ranging from site to site by bike exactly as we had imagined » reports Corinne Pralavorio, organizer of the "Passeport Big Bang" together with Marie-Anne Bugnon.

At 9 am sportsmen who had registered beforehand started the bike rally. The bravest ran 54 kilometers, a distance twice the circumference of the tunnel of the LHC. Families were expected at 10 am for a tour of 16 kilometers. A good opportunity for everybody to discover CERN and to realize the huge work which has been done to build the LHC.

Families and sportsmen, around 300 people participated to the bike rally on Sunday 2nd June. In the afternoon, visitors could visit the different experiments and enjoy the various activities proposed on the ten sites.

According to Corinne Pralavorio "we estimated that between 2 000 and 3 000 people have visited the different experiments".

200 people visited the ALICE experiment during the afternoon. Visitors visited the ALICE control room and the exhibition. Guided by physicists they could ask all the questions they wanted. “It was really interesting. I live close to ALICE and it’s the first time for me. I learnt a lot during the visit” said a visitor.

They also enjoyed the different stands such as « L’Ecole du Lion de Saint Genis-Pouilly », « l ’Office de Tourisme » or « the Fitness Club of CERN ». A full afternoon of discovery before the Open Days scheduled for the end of September this year.

The organizers are already thinking about the next edition of the "Passeport Big Bang". « We are thinking about next year but certainly in a different form » says Corinne Pralavorio. Families and sportsmen, be there in 2014 !