by Panos Charitos. Published: 29 April 2014

One of the ALICE event displays from the recent proton-lead run inspired xYz in one of the poems that are included in the pages of “30 Days”, a collection of poetic quantum moments.

On 1st May, 2014, Quantum Press publishes ‘30 Days’, a softcover anthology of science and nature poems, written and illustrated by xYz.

‘30 Days’ is a beautifully presented book and, above all, different, which is essential and very rare in the modern world. Perfect to keep and treasure; or to be given as a gift; it will appeal to dreamers and stargazers alike.

The author and illustrator, xYz, explained: “These illustrated poems were created, one per day, during April 2013, for National Poetry Writing Month, an annual international event. I was reading about cosmology at the time, and as I took my habitual walks across the marshes surrounding my home, I pondered deeply upon the dimensions of space and time through which I was passing, as well as existing euphorically in the moment with the first stirrings of spring. The poems followed naturally through, allowing me to weave a pattern of deep emotion through a weft of scientific fact. The illustrations were created from my own collection of vintage paper ephemera, and a great deal of digital manipulation. Any scientific images I used are credited in the notes. XYZ was a writing pseudonym of my grandfather, the late novelist and WWII correspondent/squadron leader, Frank Tilsley. I have taken it on, but emphasized the Y, to represent the interrogative”.

ALICE, CERN’s dedicated experiment to heavy ions and the study of strong interactions, one of the four fundamental forces that shaped our Universe, inspires the poem “New Forces”. As the recent proton-lead results have shown it seems that there are still things that we don’t understand about the strong force that holds nucleons together and poetry might shed light to new realities that we couldn’t imagine before.

‘30 Days’ is available to pre-order via Quantum Press:

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