by Panos Charitos. Published: 28 March 2014

Last month, a special delegate from Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization), SLRI, Thailand visited CERN and were guided to the ALICE Experiment.

The group consisted of

  • 1) Professor Wng. Cmdr. Dr. Sarawut Sujitjorn SLRI Director,
  • 2) Mr. Samrerng Duangnil, Assistant Director for Engineering Development,
  • 3) Mr. Methee Sophon, Assistant Director for Policy and Strategies,
  • 4) Dr. Prapong Klysubun, Director of Accelerator Technology Division,
  • 5) Dr. Supat Klinkhieo Director of Technical and Engineering Division,
  • and
  • 6) Mr. Supachai Prawanta, Head of Source and Utility Maintenance and Operation Section.

The purpose of their visit was to strengthen the collaboration with CERN and observe the current research done by Dr. Narong Chanlek, a scientist from SLRI who has been working for the ITS Upgrade Project, one of the main upgrades of the ALICE detector, since June 2013.

A special group from Thailand's Synchrotron Light Research Institute visited CERN and had the chance to take a tour in ALICE earlier last month.

The visit was organized by Chinorat Kobdaj, Professor in the Suranaree University of Technology who has actively promoted the partnership between Thailand and the ALICE Collaboration.

During their stay at CERN they also had the chance to meet with CERN’s Director General, Professor Rolf Heuer and Emmanuel Tsesmelis, Deputy Head of CERN’s International Relations.

In their short trip, they stayed in Switzerland only for 2 days, they had the chance to visit some of the laboratories and discuss with leading experts and young scientists about the choices they had to made in their current research and learn more about the new technologies and future challenges that they face as they are preparing for the next phases/runs of the LHC.

Professor Sarawut Sujitjom, director of the Synchrotron Light Facility, says: "Our visit was very exciting since we had a chance to get into the tunnel and see real accelerators. We have been impressed by lots of innovations created by people working at CERN.

Lots of things we learned, and we would very much like to keep contact with the people here so that we can learn more through cooperation with CERN. Thanks to all the people whom we saw for their hospitality with our warmest regards".