by Vladimir Ilievski. Published: 15 September 2014

Just imagine how it feels l to be involved in one of the world’s most prestigious projects like the ALICE experiment at CERN. Isn't it wonderful? This summer I am part of the ALICE collaboration at CERN, and I had the greatest and most challenging summer ever in my life, working with people from all over the world.

I am Vladimir Ilievski from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - FYROM. I study at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, the capital of FYROM. When I was a freshman, I had heard from my colleagues that they would apply for internship at CERN. I didn’t imagine that I could be part of CERN, and hence in the next two years I worked and studied hard to be eligible to apply. After two years, I had gathered all the necessary documents and finally submitted my application. After three months I heard the good news and I was one of the 2014 summer students.

I am involved in the PH-SFT department and my project is related with Android programming; more precisely it is developing an Android application for monitoring the ALICE Grid using the alert XML feed from Alimonitor, monALISA’s repository for ALICE. I’ve started this project from scratch and though it is still in development phase most of the project is already done. The application, whenever there is a new content, notifies the end user that there is a problem in the Grid. This project just gave me an additional experience with Android programming, and I learned a lot of new things. I didn’t gain only programming experience but I have also experienced the work in a big collaboration like ALICE. I might not be so involved in the daily life of the collaboration but just from observing the people who work here I got that knowledge.

Besides my project, I did a lot of traveling in the nearby places. From Geneva you can visit a lot of interesting places. So I was in Lyon, Montreux, Zurich. I visited a lot of places, museums, churches, and took part in cultural events, like Montreux Jazz Festival and Geneva festival.

In the end I would say that it has been a honour and real pleasure to be part of CERN.  I will always remember the unforgettable experiences and journeys with my colleagues and the beautiful environment here. These are memories that will stay forever.