by Ian Randall. Published: 03 December 2010

The ALICE outreach team is pleased to announce the ALICE 2011 calendar. The theme of this year’s calendar centers on the first heavy ion runs, with each month displaying beautiful events reconstructed by both online and offline software.

“The heavy ion physicists are not the only ones to have a publication this year!” jokes Catherine Decosse.

The calendar is also preprinted with important dates from next year’s diary – including ALICE mini weeks, Collaboration weeks, LHCC meetings, public holidays and more.

The calendar is the work of Andre Pierre Olivier; the founder of LASTREE, an environmentally friendly graphic design enterprise. Olivier is also known for having designed the ALICE visitor center - located at LHC point 2. Thanks also go to ALICE’s Offline and High Level Trigger colleagues, who kindly provided the collision events for the calendar.

The A3 sized wall calendar – which is perfect for brightening up your office, or as a gift for loved ones - will be on sale from the secretariat from 10 December onwards, for 6 CHF.