by Ian Randall. Published: 08 July 2011

ALICE has become a recurring feature in the Estonian press, following a visit of a local journalist, Tiit Kändler, on 19 and 20 May this year. Kändler met with Johannes Wessels – one of the deputy spokespersons of ALICE – after touring the ALICE control room and exhibition at point 2.

Kändler has written two articles for Eesti Päevaleht – a major daily newspaper in Estonia, with a circulation of around 36,000 copies – the first on ALICE and the study of the initial moments after the big bang, which was published on 16 June; and the second, which came out on the 7 June, looks at the LHC experiments in the context of Geneva and its history.

A third piece – a column on the general history and progress of particle physics – has appeared in the popular science journal Horisont.

Tiit Hunt/Wikipedia

Tiit Kändler, science journalist, has been writing prolifically about CERN and ALICE since his visit earlier this year

In addition, Kändler also discussed CERN on Estonian radio; is penning articles on the computer centre, also for Eesti Päevaleht, and on Karsten Eggert, of the TOTEM experiment; and will be using material gathered during his visit for an upcoming book on Endel Lippmaa, who is also from the TOTEM collaboration.

Kändler, who comes from a physics background, is a well established science journalist – having been the recipient of the 1990 Estonian Journalists award, the 2006 Estonian Science Popularisation award and was voted Estonia’s best science journalist in 2009. A former science editor of the Estonian Times, Kändler is also the author of a number of popular books, documentaries and films.

Following his visit, Kändler said: “ was very fruitful trip for me, indeed.”