Published: 24 June 2011

The ALICE Physics week of 29 August to 2 September will be held in Jyvaskyla, Finland. Attendees are encouraged to travel to Jyvaskyla on 28 August, as to not miss any of the event programme.

The focus of the week will be the review of the physics analyses which are being prepared for the autumn conferences – which will start off with Strangeness in Quark Matter 2011, which is being held on 18-24 September in Cracow.

A significant proportion of the proceedings will also be given over for short presentations from students.

Limited funding will be available to support student attendees. To apply for such, please write to the conference organizers – also submitting a letter from your supervisor - before 7 July.

The deadline for registration is 25 July. For more information – including a poll on bus transport to and from Helsinki airport - please visit the conference website, or email the conference organizers.