by Ermanno Vercelli. Published: 28 November 2011

Our colleague Anna Piccotti passed away on November 15th as a result of a car accident she suffered a few days before. Her husband and two young sons survived.

Active in the field of heavy-ion physics since the early nineties, as a member of the NA50 experiment at the CERN SPS, Anna joined ALICE at the very beginning of our experiment as a member of the Torino group. She was an excellent hardware-oriented physicist. She gave important contributions to the ALICE Zero-Degree Calorimeters and, in particular, she played a pivotal role in the construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation of the Resistive Plate Chambers of the Muon Trigger. She was the detector-expert who followed all the phases of this project, from the R&D to successful operation in ALICE and she was currently serving as a deputy project leader of the Muon Trigger system.

Anna Piccotti

Anna Piccotti

All the ALICE members who had the opportunity to work or to get in touch with Anna throughout the years have greatly appreciated her commitment and professional behavior, as well as her outstanding human qualities. She possessed a natural modesty as well as an easy and friendly personal contact with her colleagues.

This is indeed a big loss for ALICE, in particular for the muon and ZDC communities as well as for the Torino group. We miss a competent and respected colleague, but, above all, a friend.

On behalf of the ALICE collaboration, we extend our deepest condolences to Anna’s husband and sons and to her whole family.


Anna Picotti

I wish I could say something meaningful, I don't work there, I never knew Mrs Picotti, but I love everything I can understand about what you're doing there, and I am saddened by the loss of one of team. I know that you must be a close group, working on the exciting frontiers of particle physics and enjoying what you do and how you all relate. Now there's a hole, a link is missing, and she will miss the results of experiments you were all working on. That makes me sad for Anna, and for the team because you all want the same thing, together. I'm very sorry for your loss.