ALICE Masterclass at WUT

by Rafał Sarnecki. Published: 27 May 2014

The first ALICE Masterclass day took place at Faculty of Physics at Warsaw University of Technology on Saturday, July 5th. More than 60 high school students and 10 free listeners from Warsaw attended the lectures and exercises. The Masterclass session was prepared and organized by more than 10 people from the Heavy Ion Reactions Group at the Faculty of Physics, with cooperation with administration of the Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Transport.

Inside Quark Matter 2014: news from ALICE

Published: 27 May 2014

The new results shown by the ALICE collaboration at the Quark Matter 2014 conference in Darmstadt focus principally on the most recent collisions at the LHC – those of protons and lead nuclei (pPb) performed towards the end of Run 1 in early 2013. Planned mainly as a control experiment for studies of deconfined matter in lead–lead (PbPb) collisions, the pPb run in fact revealed tantalizing possibilities for studying collective phenomena in small systems, but with exceedingly-high-energy densities. This subject, already tackled in several theoretical papers, featured at the conference.

New PMTs for the ALICE V0-C detector

by Panos Charitos. Published: 27 May 2014

During the 2011 proton-proton run it was observed that the efficiency of the PMTs used in the V0 detectors had started to deteriorate. Gerardo Corral says: "At that time time we still had to take data and we could make no intervention but we continued monitoring the performance of the PMTs. Based on a series of measurements, it was clear in 2012 that the effect was probably due to radiation and ageing effects.

iThemba labs: 10th International Particle Physics Masterclass, 2014

by ALICE South Africa team & iThemba LABS outreach . Published: 27 May 2014

The 10th International Particle Physics Masterclass: hands on particle physics started a with a “Big Bang“ on Saturday, 5 April 2014 at iThemba LABS, with Mr Ambrose Yaga (CiT, iThemba LABS) as Master of Ceremony. The event was organised and presented by physicists and postgraduate students from iThemba LABS and UCT working on the ALICE experiment at CERN, in collaboration with the outreach team of iThemba LABS.

New PhDs with ALICE

by Panos Charitos. Published: 27 May 2014

Six ALICE PhD students successfully defended their thesis in the last two months, reflecting the number of diversity of scientific questions posed by heavy-ion physics. The previous lead-lead and proton-lead runs at the LHC and the ongoing ALICE upgrade programme present new opportunities for those interested to pursue their PhD with ALICE.

Focus on Javier Ruiseco Lopez & Abraham Villatoro Tello

by Panos Charitos. Published: 27 May 2014

Javier Ruiseco Lopez, a Mechatronics Engineer from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Tamaulipas and Abraham Villatoro Tello, student from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, have been working in the past two months on the ALICE Cosmic Ray Detector (ACORDE) as the ACORDE team prepares for the second run of the LHC.

A letter from Rosalind McLachlan

Published: 28 May 2014

Rosalind McLachlan, a visual artist from the UK visited ALICE with her film crew, Merlyn Farmer and Nathan Buck, to document the installation of a TRD module. Rosalind first visited ALICE in January 2014 as part of a specially curated artist's visit organised by arts@CERN. Rosalind's work, which will feature the installation of the TRD she filmed last week, will be shown at the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in August 2014.