Focus on Salvatore Aiola

by Virginia Greco. Published: 18 December 2017

Salvatore Aiola is a Ph.D. student at the University of Yale, US, but he is now based at CERN, where he is completing his thesis. He has recently done his first shift as ALICE Run Manager.

ALICE Juniors’ Hackathon reaches its third edition

by Virginia Greco. Published: 18 December 2017

An idea of the Junior group of the ALICE collaboration, the Hackathon events are aimed at sharing ideas and sitting together to develop some useful IT tools over one evening. The third appointment, held last November, embraced a different kind of challenge: developing some outreach material.

A screenshot of the ALICE data-taking statistics page created by the ALICE Juniors.

News from the ALICE Collaboration Board

by Virginia Greco. Published: 18 December 2017

Last 17th of November the ALICE Collaboration Board (CB) met to discuss a few relevant topics and to endorse the candidature of some members to various roles.

The first item in the agenda was the recently updated Publication Policy, which was voted favourably and thus will be included in the ALICE Constitution. A report from the Diversity Task Force followed, which presented the results of a recent survey on the climate within the collaboration and the perceived discriminations and biases. Actions to be taken by the management and the CB were suggested.