by Panos Charitos. Published: 28 March 2014

Along the lines of his new book "The Higgs particle, the Liquid Universe and the Large Hadron Collider", Gerardo presents the ideas that motivate and give shape to the search of the origin of the Universe.

The author explores the relationship between the micro and the macro cosmos on the light of the recent discovery of the Higgs. The liquid nature of the early universe is also discussed, which, - in the view of the author - may be the start of a profound change of our understanding of reality.

The book was finalist in the first Ruy Perez Tamayo contest 2012, for Popular Science books in Mexico. It was one of the two books nominated by the committee from a total of 75 proposals.

The book has been published by the "Fondo de Cultura Economica" which is the biggest and most important editorial house in Mexico and Latin America.