• Reply to: Focus on Marco van Leeuwen   3 years 6 months ago

    <p>Congratualtions Marco for your election as a Physics Coordinator and best wishes of long and fruitful work in this role for benefit of the ALICE scientific production.</p>


  • Reply to: Paolo Giubellino's end-of-mandate message   3 years 10 months ago

    <p>Thanks Paolo for your great contribution to the success of the ALICE experiment, good bye and good luck for fulfilling your new mission !</p>

  • Reply to: Happy 30th birthday, heavy-ion physics!   3 years 11 months ago

    It was really a great day allowing to go through all the history of heavy ion physics with a look also to the future. Thanks to all the organizers who made this event possible. Greetings to all the participants and specially to all my old date friends which whom I was pioneering this new branch of high energy physics at CERN.

  • Reply to: Exciting times for ALICE: the new heavy-ion run is starting   4 years 3 weeks ago

    <p>In fact hadron nucleus collision have quite a long history at CERN but this has started with relatively low energy beams in a fixed target configuration. Mainly&nbsp;nuclear enhancement under the name of a Cronin effect was studied modelling it&nbsp;successfuly with a Glauber type calculations. Now the scope of physics investigations is much larger but these first steps played a non negligible role in a present fast progress of this branch of high energy nuclear physics</p>

  • Reply to: Federico Antinori elected as the next ALICE Spokesperson   4 years 7 months ago

    <p>My sincere congratulations Federico ! I am sure that under your guidance Alice has a very bright future ahead.</p>