by Ian Randall. Published: 18 March 2011

More shifters should take advantage of the available Shift Leader In Matters Of Safety (SLIMOS) training, encourages ALICE GLIMOS1 Fernando Pedrosa.

The role of the SLIMOS in ALICE is to take care of the experiment, and the people working on her, during shift periods – the responsibilities involved in such include monitoring access around the experiment, being aware of the status of the machines and liaising with the emergency services in the event of a problem.

“Everyone who does shifts” should be taking up the training, says Pedrosa, who has been the ALICE GLIMOS, along with Andre Augustinus, since June last year. “It doesn't take too much time; it's a general view in most cases - and depends how the individual will interact with resources available.”

Currently, 200 people have received the SLIMOS training; however, around 800 more will need to be trained in 2011 to meet the recommendations of the Management Board – so that all main control room shifters have an understanding of the safety requirements of the experiment.

The training sessions – which last around 1-2 hours, depending on the level of depth required by individual attendees – are held regularly by Augustinus and Pedrosa, with one on Tuesdays, and another on Thursday mornings.

The original training is hoped to soon be complemented with a yearly refreshers course, based online. This will acquaint shifters with any changes in safety information that might arise with time – such as additions to the experimental apparatus, new procedures or different access rules.

“[These are] all the kinds of things you need to know if you are a SLIMOS,” adds Pedrosa.

The GLIMOS also offers other training programs to ALICE members, including confined space training (a joint endeavor between ALICE and the CERN Safety Commission) for people working within the L3 magnet. Plans are also being developed for the possibility of offering first aid training for those working up at Point 2, as well as training for those guiding visitors around the underground areas.

To sign up for a SLIMOS training session, or for more information, please contact Fernando Pedrosa.

  • 1. Group Leader In Matters Of Safety